This app tackles the issue of water conservation; more specifically the pollution crisis and conservation of the oceans. My app includes various features for activists to use who wish to learn more about the pollution of our oceans and take action. The main component of this app is to document the trash you collect in or around oceans and receive virtual rewards for certain milestones you reach while collecting. There will also be a donation given to an ocean conservancy group of the users’ choice for every 20 pounds of trash collected. There are also several other informative and participatory features included.

The inspiration for this app came from three other apps: Clean Swell, WWF Together and Conservation: Sea of Change. Each of these apps included very important features and information and I wanted to take the best components from each of these apps while improving the weaker areas.

 I wanted to convey the appropriate amount of information while applying a call to action component along with a clean and visually appealing design. I used subtle blues as a reference to the ocean and kept the main screen white for clarity and usability, The use of photography was an important addition to the app to make it more lively and further connect the user to the environments that they are helping. Additionally, there are links within the news articles and petitions to sign that will lead you to an external URL for more information if the user wishes to learn more.

This app was created with Invision and can also be accessed and previewed here