My idea for Unified. was a brand that created yoga mats unique to each user that allowed the yogi to have a more personal and grounded yoga experience. The customer would take a quiz that asks personality trait related questions to match them to a unique symbol, color and shape design to give them a mat that is unique to them and their practice. The brand inspires creativity and individuality, as well as encourages yogis to take their practice outdoors for an enhanced mindfulness experience.

Yoga is a practice that focuses on one’s personal wellbeing and self and by having a mat that pertains to your personality or focus, aids to that idea. These mats are also more designed and include more intent than other yoga mats on the market. 

All of the components of the mats have been heavily researched to portray accurate symbolism. The symbols are elements of nature that relates back to the origin of the practice and the shapes further accentuate the user’s personality and goals. The colors represent the 7 chakras of yoga. The color you get is a representation of the chakra you are lacking, thus bringing that chakra back into your life.

Early ideations of the product were hand painted, the final mat was screen printed. The product would consist of a mat, personality card and organic cleaning spray.